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If you’re looking to purchase a guitar, a drum set, a double bass or a hundred other different instruments, you’ll find a shop to help you here on Music Shop UK.  They can all be found by specialism, and include traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ shops as well as an increasing number of convenient online sellers. Read about your preferred music shop first, and then contact them via email or go to their website.

We’re constantly growing our database and categories of anything to do with music, and we welcome any comments or suggestions of additions to this directory.

Cellos Icon

Find online and bricks-and-mortar retailers that specialise in these beautiful instruments.

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As one of the most popular woodwind instruments in the world, find retailers that sell clarinets here.

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Double Basses

Find some of the country's leading double bass makers and retailers here.

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With so many drum shops in the UK, it's important to shop around before purchasing. This page will help in your search.

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Flutes come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Find retailers that specialise in this instrument here.

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As the main instrument in so many musical genres, it's no surprise that there's a massive choice of guitar retailers to choose from.

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A good harp shop will normally be able to offer a good choice of harps, often by several different harp makers. Find ones that can help here.

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There are plenty of keyboard shops all over the UK - some traditional bricks and mortar shops and others that only sell online.

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With so many famous piano makers, piano shops can usually only keep a small selection of styles. The ones listed on this page though, stock a wide range.

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With such a huge choice of makers and types of saxophones, itís no surprise that many dedicated saxophone shops exist.

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Sheet Music

Whether you play the guitar, piano, keyboard, violin or any one of dozens of other musical instruments, youíre sure to need some sheet music to follow whilst learning the basic chords or tunes. Find them all here.

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Specialist trombone shops are best to advise their customers on the right type of trombone for their particular requirement.

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Trumpet shops can offer their customers numerous different variations of trumpets. Find specialist stores here.

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A violin shop can often help customers with repairs to their instruments, as well as offer a great range of spare strings, bows, shoulder rests and cases.

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