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Louis Armstrong is probably one of the most highly regarded and recognisable trumpet players of all time, and his millions of jazz music fans throughout the world regard him as a legend. Lots of trumpet shops will have an image of him on their website or in store as a great example of what can be achieved with long and hard practise.

Trumpet shops can offer their customers numerous different variations of trumpet ranging from a bugle to an unusual four piston valve version for experienced trumpeters. Seen equally as often in the brass section of orchestras and in jazz bands, the basic trumpet dates back to near 1500 BC, but modern designs and manufacturing techniques have enabled far greater accuracy and clarity of sound. Good trumpet shops can offer their customers specific shaped mouthpieces and a whole range of accessories like stands, valve guards and sheet music.

Musical instruments like trumpets can often command excellent second hand values as trumpeters upgrade or change to a different style, and some trumpet shops will offer an exchange system. The market for good quality beginners trumpets is particularly strong, especially when parents of children just learning may not be sure that they will continue playing.

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This retailer specialises in remarkably cheap trumpets and brass instruments that have been produced in India.

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