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Like most musical instruments, the trombone is made in lots of different sizes and styles, although the most common types are the tenor and bass. As part of the brass instrument family, the trombone is widely used in concert bands, orchestras, military bands and big bands – specialist trombone shops are best to advise their customers on the right type of trombone for their particular requirement.

A good trombone shop can offer so much more than sales – equally as important is the after care and the supply of much needed accessories. Items like mouthpieces, mutes, stands, cleaning brushes and storage cases are all important parts of owning a trombone. Repairs can also be needed – an accidental knock or drop can do untold damage – and a trombone shop will usually be able to offer repair or refurbishment service.

Whilst there are plenty of traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ trombone shops all over the UK, many of these will have comprehensive websites that can offer almost all of the services a customer would expect of a shop. Shipping all over the world is easy, and with return guarantees, customers can safely buy from almost anywhere.

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Based in Worcester, this shop sells everything for the amateur or professional trombonist.

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