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Commonly referred to as a sax, the saxophone is an instrument that was designed to fill the gap between traditional woodwind instruments, and those classified as brass. The Saxophone, although normally made of brass, belongs to the woodwind group. With such a huge choice of makers and types of saxophones, itís no surprise that many dedicated saxophone shops exist to fulfil the demand for this loud and unique instrument.

Often associated with military bands, the saxophone is widely played in pop, blues and rock & roll, as well as jazz music. For anyone interested in learning this instrument, saxophone shops will be able to point a beginner in the right direction for a teacher – some may even have their own. Available in several different sizes and keys, the saxophone shops have the expertise to advise their customers on the right one for them.

Like all musical instruments, the saxophone may need some adjustment or repair – good saxophone shops will usually have an expert on hand to put things right, whether itís a minor tweak, or a full rebuild. Beginners will usually start on the alto sax, and then contact a saxophone shop to either upgrade to a soprano, tenor or baritone variation when they need a new challenge.

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