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Arguably the world’s most well-known musical instrument is the piano. Used in so many different musical events, the two modern designs can be broadly split between the compact upright version and the familiar grand piano where the strings are mounted horizontally. With so many famous piano makers, piano shops can usually only keep a small selection of both styles.

Situated in almost every major UK town or city, piano shops can often also undertake repairs and refurbishment of second hand pianos as part of their service. Some piano shops will even sell used pianos for their clients and take a commission on the final price – often better than trying to sell privately. With over 5000 piano brands available throughout the world, buying a new piano can be a daunting task, but the experienced staff in a piano shop will always be able to advise their customers.

Steinway is a long established piano maker that is held in much respect, and most piano enthusiasts would love to own one – although more modern makers such as Yamaha are also highly popular choices in many piano shops. ’Try before you buy’ is an excellent practise to observe before buying anything, and most piano shops will demonstrate several models to ensure the buyer is happy with the sound and tone.

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Regarded as one of the top piano showrooms in the region, this shop also offers piano repair and restoration services.

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