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Keyboard with headphones

First introduced in the 1980ís when electrical circuits became more miniaturised, electronic keyboards were quickly seen by a young generation as trendy replacements for the traditional piano. The early keyboards were quite basic compared with modern versions that have dozens of extra sound and rhythm buttons, but keyboard shops soon arrived on the music scene as more and more people realised their potential and wanted to buy one.

Yamaha are probably the most recognisable name in keyboard manufacturers, with Casio, Moog and Roland not far behind. Most keyboards have a range of digital effects that can be added to the music being played, and whilst most have in built speakers, the best sound is obtained by connecting the instrument to an amplifier. All keyboard shops will offer their customers a good range of prices, as well as all the means to make the most of all the extra sockets for attaching to other equipment.

No musical group whether rock, classical, or jazz would be complete without an electronic keyboard that can provide such a massive selection of sounds – not only basic keyboard music, but a wide range of other instrument too. There are plenty of keyboard shops all over the UK - some traditional bricks and mortar shops and others that only sell online.

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