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Man playing a harp in the sunshine

Like numerous other musical instruments, the harp has a long history of development in many countries of the world, and there is even reference to harps in the Bible. Modern harps are split between concert pedal harps and the usually slightly smaller lever harps. A good harp shop will normally be able to offer a good choice of both types, often by several different harp makers.

Notable composers such as Bach, Mozart and Handel all wrote music for the harp in many orchestral pieces, and its use in many more modern pieces of music have all helped to raise the harpís popularity. Harp shops will usually also sell specific harp music sheets, and will also be able to arrange for lessons for beginners. The folk (or lever) harp is increasingly popular as a beginners harp owing to its smaller size and its suitability of being played solo or in small groups.

There is a thriving market in the purchasing of second hand harps. Some harp shops will part exchange an older model for someone wanting to upgrade to a different model or version, and if any repairs are needed they can usually be undertaken by qualified craftsmen.

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The Little Welsh Shop boasts a wonderful harp showroom in the foothills of the Peak District, not far from Derby.

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