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For many music lovers, it would be hard to imagine listening to music without one form or other of a guitar being part of the scene. With variations of the classical guitar having been around for over a thousand years, they are still an important part of guitar shops ranges and selections, although the advent of the electric version in the 1930’s has greatly changed many styles of musical culture and taste.

Guitars are the principal instrument used in many musical genres including rock, reggae, soul, flamenco, country and blues, and such is the popularity of the instrument that hundreds of specialist guitar shops are accessible throughout the whole of the UK. Whilst many of these will be traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ outlets where budding guitarists can try before they buy, the use of the internet as a selling medium is one that has been embraced by many of these guitar shops that often send instruments all over the world.

Apart from the instrument itself, most guitar shops can also offer their customers a big choice of accessories ranging from sheet music, amplifiers and training DVD’s, to spare strings and books. The knowledgeable staff will also be able to advise on who to use as a guitar teacher, and how to be put in touch with like minded individuals who want to play as part of a group or band.

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This family-run guitar business sells guitars from famous brands such as Fender, Rickenbacker and Gibson.

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