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As one of the earliest known musical instruments, the flute belongs to the woodwind family. Unlike other instruments in this category, it does not rely upon a reed within the mouthpiece, and so it is classed as an aerophone. Flute shops will normally sell quite a variety of styles and sizes, with a recorder being the simplest type of flute, and one which many children will have as their first instrument, possibly from a toy shop.

Not surprisingly, there are many flute shops around the UK - some are traditional bricks and mortar shops only, but also a large number of internet retailers too. A considerable number of different types of flute are available, like basic student models or advanced versions, as well as conservatory, alto and bass flutes. A flute shop however can offer far more than just sales. They are qualified to carry out repairs and refurbishment and will often have a trade in scheme for flautists wanting to upgrade their instrument.

There are plenty of well known flute makers all over the world - different types of wood used in the construction and various manufacturing techniques means that all of them have different sound qualities. Flute shops are the experts at distinguishing all these variations, and customers can be assured of expert knowledge and service from them.

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