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With over forty different types of drum used throughout the world, it’s unsurprising that so many dedicated drum shops have been set up to cater for the massive demand of drummers everywhere. Many different factors alter the sounds that a drum produces, from the material used to make the drum shell to the tension and material used on the drum head - the drum shops have staff that are well qualified to advise beginners on the type and style they should buy.

Drums are amongst the world’s oldest and most used musical instruments, and whilst the fundamental design has remained practically unchanged for thousands of years, modern materials and manufacturing technology is helping to change and fine tune a drum’s sounds. Online and traditional drum shops will all sell a selection of marching band drums, snare drums and standard acoustic percussion sets that are usually combined with several different sizes of cymbals.

Electronic drums have become more popular, and with big brands such as Yamaha and Roland involved in their manufacture, the sound of a drum can be electronically altered to suit different occasions. Cases, drum sticks & beaters, microphones and clothing are just some of the accessories sold by the drum shops, as well as books, DVD’s, stands, clamps and spare parts.

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Birmingham Drum Centre

As one of the largest drum stores in the country, this store sells a staggering selection of drums and accessories.

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