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Adapted from the chalumeau, a clarinet is one of the most popular woodwind instruments with over a dozen different types and variations. An assortment of materials are used to make the main body of a clarinet, ranging from plastic, metal, resin and the very best African hardwood. Musical instrument shops that sell clarinets will usually have a wide price selection for their customers to choose from.

Often used as a solo instrument, the clarinet is equally at home as part of a large orchestra, band or in a jazz group. Clarinet shops can usually help their customers who may want to play in a larger group, or who need lessons to help them master this beautiful sounding instrument. The care of an expensive musical instrument is paramount, not only to maintain its sound, but also to help keep its value. Clarinet shops can help in this process by providing repair and maintenance facilities to ensure the instrument is kept in excellent condition.

A case for transporting an instrument is vital to protect it from damage, and a clarinet shop will include this as part of a wide range of accessories – items such as replacement mouthpieces or reeds, stands and cleaning equipment are just a small selection.

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A specialist clarinet maker that allows clarinet lovers to buy directly from the very studio that manufactures them.

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