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As the second largest of the bowed string instruments, the cello is played as part of the string section in a symphony orchestra, or solo in chamber orchestras. Whilst cellos are sold in shops specialising in various string instruments, a number of dedicated ‘bricks and mortar’ cello shops, as well as specialist online retailers can offer fantastic selections of these beautiful instruments.

Not only an object of beauty in its own right but also beautiful to listen to, the sound of a cello has sometimes been compared to that of a human voice. Cello makers can be found all over the world with Russell Davis from Wales, Paul Stanton from England and Manuel Di Landa from Italy being just a few examples. Cello shops will always try and offer their customers a good price range to choose from, and there is no doubt that the higher the price the better the sound.

Good cello shops will be able to offer advice to new cellists, as well as being able to service or repair existing instruments. Some will also be able to give lessons, or at least have a list of teachers in any specific locality. Owners of cellos will also need a whole assortment of accessories like spare strings, shoulder or chin rests, music stands and cleaning cloths, and most cello shops will be able to supply all of these requirements.

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