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Often thought of as a very serious instrument thatís only used in symphony orchestras, the double bass is in fact widely played in jazz, rock and roll, country music and bluegrass. Whilst older instruments made by famous makers can command very high prices, there are plenty of double bass shops both online and traditional that specialise in offering instruments at a wide range of prices.

The double bass is the largest of the string instruments, and specialist double bass shops offer a wealth of experience and knowledge in advising customers on the makes and styles, repairing damage and some will even take back old instruments in exchange for upgraded versions.

Normally played standing or sitting on a high stool because of its size and bulk, the double bass is made from a number of different woods that are all glued together in a complex construction process. Thereís no doubt that the double bass is an extraordinary instrument, and double bass shops are well qualified to advise on all of its many qualities. For many people it will be a lifelong passion to play this instrument, and to perfect their style.

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Run by a father and son team, this studio is one of the country's leading makers of double basses.

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